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lida daidaihua strong version

Lida Daidaihua is a leading weight loss product that's made from various kinds of natural Chinese herbs. It's suitable for both male and female. When compared to other natural weight loss products in the market, Lida Daidaihua seems to work much better. It can on the one hand control your appetite, and improve the metabolic rate on the other hand. As you know, fat will accumulate in your body gradually if the metabolism is low, which is the main cause of obesity. Now with Lida Daidaihua, you can rest assured while losing weight!


Bitter orange extracts
India lutos
Cassia Seed
Alisma Orientalis


1 capsule a day before or after breakfast. Do not take more capsules than recommended.
Drink more water and eat more fruit if thirsty (not enough pure water in your body reduces the body's glucose level in the blood, which causes weakness and dizziness).
Do not skip meals (especially breakfast and lunch), it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet while taking this pill, including pure water and natural juices.
Do not consume alcohol. It may neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process.

[Specification] 30 capsules/Bottle, Green Soft Gel
[Dosage] 1 time/day, 1 capsule/time (before/after breakfast)
[Storage] Store in cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition
[Valid Period] 24 months
[Precaution] Not applicable for pregnant woman and patients of cordis-vasal disease, apoplexy etc
[Producer] Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
[General Franchiser]: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. No.372, West Renmin Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province

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5/5stars 5 starts
If you don't feel a difference in what your doing then no supplement will help you. This LIDA DAIDAIDHUA STRONG VERSION will jump start your diet or just give you the energy you need without a crash. Please be wise when taking this and understand without diet and exercise no changes will happen. Good luck out there and personally I will tell everyone I know to give this pill a try
5/5stars 5 starts
It helped to curb my appetite ( which is a huge thing for me since i tend to absent-mindedly snack on things ) . I tend to overeat even when trying to eat healthier so this definitely help me keep my portions under control because it lessens my appetite and makes me fuller quicker . My metabolism has sped up quite a bit as well ( i can tell because i have had more energy lately which gives me more motivation and ended up with me shedding quite a few pounds ). I'm down 2 whole sizes =) I took a bit longer to test out this product before leaving my review purposely because i wanted to make sure it actually did what it says its supposed to do . And i was pleasantly surprised with my results. I'm already down 2 sizes and can fit into my shorts that i Haven't fit into since my third child was born. ( he'll be 4 ) I also noticed that it ended up targetinh my hard to reach areas such as my love handles , and lower stomach area. If your a mother of a few children than you know the struggle is real when trying to get a good workout in when life is always moving so fast with kids . Its harder to find that extra time to take care of yourself the way we should so this has definitely helped me out in the process. Made my life just a bit easier and for such little pills they have made such a big difference for me . Not only for my weight and size but for my all over confidence as a woman and mother ! I will definitely be recommending this to everyone.
5/5stars 5 starts
A better and SEXIER ME by
I've always wanted to wear those beautiful dresses that I see in the malls and when I'm doing on-line shopping. 12 weeks ago I've decided to make a promise to my self that I will loss weight this year. I took this product since it's very popular dietary supplements nowadays. I was really happy with the results. I've lost 11 lbs and going strong. I can wear dresses now with confident and I fell really beautiful inside and out. I also noticed that my eating habits drastically change. I'm looking forward to using this product in the future for a better and sexier me.
5/5stars 5 starts
It worked by
The energy it gives me is amazing. I don't feel jittery or even a crash. I have lost about 5lbs. Recommend it.