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very helpful. I see results -

i love this ABC Acai Berry Capsule product. I have taken it every day since it was delivered. Only once per day because I must confess, I did not read the label. But, it doesn't matter, I can see and feel some progress. My family and friends are telling me that I am getting slimmer, so I consider it a great product. I was walking 3 miles everyday and still could not lose any weight because of my all day munching. Since taking these pills, I no longer have the urge to munch and I am so happy to be able to feel my clothes loosening up. I did not receive these pills at a discount rate, and no incentives were offered to me to write this review. I cannot say that these pills are a cure-all for overweight people, I can say that it is a tool to assist you in staying on a healthy food and exercise plan of your choice. . That is what it is doing for me, allowing me to stay focused without feeling tired and hungry. I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks. That's progress. When I run out of them, I will put in another order, that's for sure.

by , 08/31/2016
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